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Angad Kahai Singh

"Just a boy, set out on a journey to capture and preserve third dimensional memories in a digital realm."

Born in 1997, I've spent most of my life, growing up in Gurgaon, Haryana. A city so full of energy, it drives your passion at high speeds, and well, your cars too apparently. 

Most of my time as a young boy, I spent in exploring different arts like sketching, music, crafts etc. 

With a flare for drama, a pinch of crazy and a twisted sense of humour, i had a love for acting and story telling, but this passion came with the amazing gift of me being an introvert. 

So now, i keep the same passion alive, by telling stories with my pictures. I'm primarily a Portraiture Photographer. I love capturing the complexity of Human emotions.

I also run a YouTube channel by my name.