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Perks of Being Weird

I'm weird!

Maybe you're weird?

How do you define weird?

I guess simply put, weirdness is doing something out of the ordinary in a world that still believes in the idealism of always playing by the rules.

Sometimes i wear mismatched socks! So what?

Sometimes chaos is needed, sometimes the only place to find solace is in the chaos of the right kind!

I was always sceptical about starting a VLOG, wondering what people looking at me would think.

But, seeing a bunch of kids ride skateboards into an office complex and into Starbucks made me realise, that's true freedom, to do what you want and not give a damn!

Being Weird sure has it's perks, the biggest being, happiness of the truest form!

Also, yes i do have a purse on me, and yes it was an awesome day!

Thanks you Simran for making me look "Beautiful" XD

May 17, 2017

I Need Help!

Sometimes, I need help.

Sometimes, you need help.

And a lot of times, a friend of ours needs help.

"Snap out of it!, "It's all in your head!" are probably not what he wants to hear anymore.

If you've watched 13 Reasons Why, you're probably already aware of the fact that sometimes a friend is all one needs at the lowest point in their lives.

Are you prepared to be the friend you're meant to be?

Most of us live a self centred life, if it doesn't affect us, why bother!

We've lost the sense of Being Human, of caring, looking out and connecting to other people!

When the moment needs you the most? Are you ready to be there?

Maybe after reading this, you will be!

BE THERE for them!

They need you! not your sympathy or your attention, just your presence, it means a lot!


What's hassling them? HEAR THEM OUT!?

A pattern with most people is that unless they introspect, they themselves do not know what's causing them pain, leading to further pain and confusion.


HEAR what they say, and make sure to hear what they DON'T say,

Because behind all these screams, are the words unsaid, desperate for attention with the key to their cure.

May 14, 2017
Dear Mom...
Dear Mom...

Dear Mom,

I know it's tough.

I know it's tough for you to raise two pieces of your heart, bit by bit everyday!

But you make it look so easy!

I know it's tough for you to make ends meet at times, yet, you never let our lifestyles get affected.

How do you do it?

How can you handle two children, when you, yourself are just a child.

Do i not know you still hide chocolates in your drawers?

Have I not seen you build pillow fortresses around you when you sleep?

Haven't we not had 3AM gossip sessions?

How do you do it?

I know it's tough.

But you make it look so easy!

I proudly say that i've known you my entire life!

You are more than a Mother, more than a friend, more than a sibling, more than anything i've ever felt for anyone.

"I held your finger with my entire hand when i learned to walk,

you tried to make sense of my words before i could talk,

you gave birth to a tiny little version of you,

now that potato has grown taller than you too!

don't ever be scared and keep your golden glow,

because mom, I promise, I won't ever let go!"

Words cannot express what I feel for you, but if they could, these would be them.

Love you Mom, Happy Mothers Day!

Somebody That I Used to Know.

They say love is expensive.

It's true!

Ours cost me the price of a brand new Hard Disk.

6.5GB worth of Photographs and HAPPY memories.

THIS, was just TWO MONTHS!

While the rest of our memories remain happy in the folder which we created together.

These memories, remain between Me and Somebody That I Used to Know.

A Hopeless Romantic.

I believe in love.

Even after everything I've been through,

I believe in love.

So what if my dear lover could not stay?

Her love, i guess, was simply different.

I believe in love.

I've been told my words have power.

So what if "please stay" were words of weakness.

Does love hurt? 

No, absence of love hurts.

why do i still believe in love?

I guess I am and forever will be, A Hopeless Romantic. <3

Why Am I Still Single?

"Why are you still single?" Innocently a young friend asked me after I gave him some relationship advice. "Ahh! You know, just not lucky I guess", I said laughingly. There was more to that question, a lot that I wanted to tell him, but perhaps he'd be too young to understand.
How am I to tell him that a relationship today is not sold under the "romantic" section but rather, under psychological thrillers!
how would he fathom the feeling of going through constant mind games, of being emotionally drained, he's just begun. He's young. 
It's sad that he'll never know the feeling of being old school. How was he to understand the feeling of handwritten notes for confessing feelings in this age of instant messaging.
Why am I still single? Is it probably because i'm not what a girl desires? Maybe. Is it maybe because people I've met aren't what I desire. Certainly.

You and me are different people, while you shot that selfie at 25 frames per second, just to delete them all because you looked fat, I spent all the time in the world, making that one shot count, and the rest, to just look at you and admire you for who you are. Alas, we are different.

Dear lovers of tinder, I wish you all the luck, but I'd never want my story to begin with, "so one day I downloaded an app"
What happened to meeting people? Introducing people to your friends? What happened to movie nights? What happened to gossiping at the park!? What happened to all of us? In a world that's connected, are we even more disconnected than we ever were?

Maybe the flaws are in me. Maybe old school is out. But I do miss it.

Relationships are a game, where it's all fun till you realise that the rule book was written years ago, and that no one plays by them!
Where cheaters are more than just pumpkin eaters!

All this effort just for a few months of lovey pictures and meme tagging. From sweet nicknames to painful memories!

Call me old school, tell me my expectations are not realistic, go ahead, tell me these are all just excuses for a lack of self esteem and confidence.
But out there is a girl, fed up with relationships, giving advice to her friend, who asks her, "Why are you still single?" To which she smiles, and replies, "Ahh! You know, just not lucky I guess"

Am I in Love With You?

Am I in love with you?

Or with the idea of being in love with you?

If I am in love with you, am I who you deserve?

If i'm not, is this what I deserve?

Am I in love with you?

I know I love you, but is this the love that makes you skip heartbeats? Or is that yet another Hollywood cliche?

You make the pain go away, you put a smile and brighten the day, but so does the smell of rain before the storm.

Am I in love with you?

I think of you when the nights are too long, I don't care if it's right or if it's wrong.

I see happy moments for us, a bit of craziness too, I know how I feel, but don't know about you.

Are you willing to once again, dance in the rain, are you willing to once again split the pain, ready to share secrets only kept by you? 

Because I am.




Am I in love with you?

You are Important!

sometimes you may feel like just a leaf, in a garden of flowers, but remember, when spring goes and autumn comes and the flowers are nowhere to be found, your golden beauty will always be admired, you may be different, but you play a role too, you are important, you are beautiful!

Is Being Fat a Crime?

Is being fat a crime? I guess, it is!

Because every round thing you see, is you!

Why do we find peace in hurting others?

Why do we feel superior after tapping on people's insecurities?

Not only fat, you are a disgrace if you are fat, too short, too tall or even too smart. It's not that we chose to be this way.

I would choose a different life any day.

I wish I was taller, I wish I was slimmer, but maybe my body just works different to yours.

The day I stopped listening to those pulling me down and started listening to those who believed in me, the least I could do was gather strength to bring change.

Be the person you would want to be with.

Accept differences, accept flaws, help and support than hate and pull down.

I was fat and sad, now i'm overweight and happy! Accept yourself, accept those around you, the world might not seem that messed up anymore.

Are Friendships So Fragile?

Are friendships so fragile?

All it takes are mere words to destroy years of feelings?

Are mistakes ever as big as we think of them to be?

People push away those, who are closest to them, and long for someone who "understands" them, people die to hear an apology, and when they get one, sorry, is just a word.

You wish things were back to the way they were, yet you're afraid to fall again. From pinky promises to cute nicknames, beautiful memories become the tears that don't let you sleep at night.

Words, were all we had, to express ourselves, and once again, we chose the wrong ones.

And once again, The phone hung up.

And once again, You're locked out of paradise. 

Are friendships so fragile?